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About Us

Living Guardians is wholly owned by Capital Guardians (, a specialist payment service for individuals in various aged care environments that oversees the security and governance of recurring personal expenditures.  As Capital Guardians has grown to be the largest service of its type in the aged care industry, it has recognised that a significant portion of its transactions are due to lifestyle expenditures.

Subsequently, the relatives (guardians) have been using the financial statements provided by Capital Guardians as their only insight into their loved ones life and lifestyle. It wasn’t their diary or calendar, however, it is an ok proxy.

Furthermore, Capital Guardians found that many of its users were life style related staff (Diversional Therapists, Lifestyle Coordinators) and volunteers (outings, managing residential aged care gift shops).

Living Guardians was the next natural step, making the management of volunteers and execution of lifestyle activities easy through best practice tools and ideas.


Suite 10, 585 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 Australia

Phone: (03) 9005 5711, (02) 8005 5712, (07) 3102 5712, (08) 9467 7372

Fax: + 61 3 8677 9255