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Lifestyle community
Discussion boards
  • User’s can save questions and their corresponding answers. In time, this allows a large archive of knowledge/information to be created which can help generate ideas and solve problems.
  • Questions can also be saved without answers. If another user knows the answer to the question he/she can then draft a response.
  • You can filter by category or use the search function. There is also a selection box where you can choose whether answered or open questions should be displayed. To get a better look at the question and answer click on the entry title.
  • A rating function is useful to show users how helpful the answer is. Comments can also be very helpful. If, for example, an answer is not very detailed other users can add to it.

The Benefits

  • it is free (we like contributors too)
  • resource database for best practice systems and processes
  • supporting lifestyle practitioners to share their experiences, tools and personal brand
  • lifestyle practioners part of a larger community of support
  • best practice in aged care lifestyle a click away