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Lifestyle community
Lifestyle Wiki

The Living Guardians Wiki represents all there is to know from the collective knowledge of the Living Guardians Community around manageing volunteers and enhancing lifestyle in aged care settings.

So much of aged care in modern societies financing of aged care is around the basics including: food; shelter; medicine; behaviours; cleaning; management ... with not a lot left over for LifestyleActivities. The LivingGuardiansWiki's intention is to make all the knowledge out there availailable to anyone without cost, as there should be no commerical restrictions to enhancing the lifes our our elder citizens and maximising the resources we have to do this.

  • A Wiki is developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.
  • The Living Guardians wiki & knowledge base includes best practice wiki protocols, and a knowledge base for contributions. Essentially a powerful resource database ..... to be developed and self-managed by volunteer and aged care managers globally. Discussion boards cover questions and solutions in lifestyle and volunteer management.

The Benefits

  • it is free (we like contributors too)
  • resource database for best practice systems and processes
  • supporting lifestyle practitioners to share their experiences, tools and personal brand
  • lifestyle practioners part of a larger community of support
  • best practice in aged care lifestyle a click away