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Volunteer / Lifestyle Managers
Activity calendar booking assistant


  • Lifestyle co-ordinators can create “activities”, invite volunteers by their interests and availability and invite participants (ie residents) suppliers and staff.  Activities coordinator logs in and enters events/activities in calendar.
    • Can add resident names, from list against activities, book them in
    • Can book in “suppliers”, being volunteers and other for the activity, they get meeting invite via email, and can accept via normal outlook protocols.  Using coordinators (login id’s) email address.
    • Contacts are listed with normal contact details, including categorisation: supplier or type of volunteer
    • Has a “second” calendar that can “overlay” the main activity calendar, whereby availability of volunteers can be placed..linked to contact detail for volunteer (ideally in simple categories: mornings; afternoons; evenings; nights).  And can also be used to record hours (times) and notes on contributions.
    • Can print very professional looking calendars for notice boards
    • Has a confirmation against residents after an activity, with an area for note on activity by each resident
  • Publishing of activities/event run, to guardians (relatives) with comments on individuals and how the group activities via login and/or facebook and twitter interfaces.
  • Volunteer interaction.  Volunteers can “accept” invitations through any iCal supported system (outlook, gmail, etc) or go online from any Internet connected computer to view and print their schedule; change their availability, etc.
  • Project management (paid version) via online tools that establishes formal projects and reporting involving volunteers, including resource usage and bookings.
    • Logging volunteer hours (paid version)
    • Online gantt charts (paid version)


Booking activity step one

Enter key activity detail

Activity booking step 1


Booking activity step two

Select participants in the event (or potential participants, can manually accept later)

Activity booking step 2


Booking activity step three

Search for available volunteers for that event at those times

Activity booking step 3




The Benefits

  • it is free, no catches
  • paperless can access anywhere
  • secure, privacy protected
  • one source of all volunteers details
  • checklists for legal compliance
  • easy matching and booking volunteers to activities
  • join the Wiki community for ideas