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Volunteers & Guardians
Volunteers & Guardians

Living Guardians is essentially a human resources application, without the payroll. The fundamentals of managing people are all the same in terms of responsibility, law, privacy, governance, fairness, communication, respect, performance management, training, security … regardless of them being staff, volunteers or contractors. For aged care approved providers, this is even more apparent, where this responsibility is enshrined in law and the standards, volunteers and contractors actually having been singled out as recognised important resources for Australia’s aged care future. The aged care act recognises volunteer’s equivalent to staff furthering the importance of industry participants using best practice tools.

Living guardians allow staff (or nominated senior volunteers) to manage information regarding volunteer recruitment, interviews meetings, volunteer contact details; interests; training; experience; statutory compliance (ie police checks); languages; and availability.

Guardians (relatives) can view: calendar of activities, notes on activities and individual participation, and view personal expenditures and trust balance information (capital guardians clients).

The Benefits

  • keep profile and contact details up-to-date
  • keep availability and interests up-to-date
  • view community activity calendar 24/7
  • document & read ‘post’ event notes on activities
  • guardians view personal expenditures and trust & balances
  • will sync with personal calandars (gmail, outlook, etc)